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For the Softest Hair, Let It Air-dry

Amy Silver. Photo: Mindy Byrd

What do you get when you don’t cut your hair after two years and only let it air-dry? For Amy Silver, you get healthy, super-soft hair. The Brooklyn artist lets the wind dry her hair as she walks to work every day, and swears by a hippie shampoo from Whole Foods. Her hair philosophy, below:

How I describe my hairstyle: flat and wavy, but I like the color and I’ve never dyed it ever.

If I could name my hair, I’d call it: au naturale.

In my shower you’ll find: Nature’s Gate’s herbal shampoo, it smells so good. I get it at Whole Foods and I love that it comes in a big bottle. I use “It’s a 10” spray; it prevents my hair from becoming frizzy.

I wash my hair every: day. I have very thin hair and it gets oily quickly. Plus I work out a lot.

A rundown of my hair regimen looks like: I shower in the morning, I part my hair, and then spray It’s a 10 on it. I walk to work so I get this breeze over the Williamsburg Bridge and that’s what dries it. It’s my natural blow-dryer.

Photo: Mindy Byrd

The worst thing I ever did to my hair was: get bangs. A year after moving to New York I got them and they did not work with my face. I was going for a ‘70s-shaggy vibe, but it didn’t quite hit the mark.

The best thing I ever did to my hair was: stop blow-drying it. I stopped six years ago. I blow-dried my hair for long periods in my life, but my hair was getting really unhealthy. After I stopped, it was hard for my hair to adjust to not getting blow-dried, but now it falls so much better.

I trim my hair every: two years. That’s bad, I know.

My hairstylist is: Hayleigh Hatcher.

Photo: Mindy Byrd

The most important thing people with hair like me should know: Is to not be afraid of washing your hair every day. Also, embrace your bad hair days.

What I love most about my hair is: It’s really soft. Sometimes I’m even shocked by how soft it is. Also, it glimmers in the sun.

Top by American Apparel; makeup by Samantha Lau; hair by Cynthia Alvarez; beauty editor: Ashley Weatherford; photo editor: Raydene Salinas.

This interview has been edited and condensed.

For the Softest Hair, Let It Air-dry