Jaden Smith’s Get Down Style: a Craft-Drawer Explosion

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix

Teen prophet Jaden Smith is a well-documented fashion innovator, whether he’s devising new ways to wear overalls, napping in a Louis Vuitton womenswear ad, or altruistically wearing skirts to pave the way for future generations. So it’s fitting that his character on Baz Luhrmann’s new Netflix show, The Get Down, is similarly inventive when it comes to getting dressed. A soulful graffiti artist prone to sweeping philosophical statements (sounds familiar!), Dizzee boasts an eclectic DIY aesthetic, pairing denim and cargo jackets with eclectic details like patches, fur linings, and buttons — a whole lot of buttons. Even if you’re not watching the show, Jaden’s outfits, as always, demand your attention. Raiding the school arts-and-crafts cupboard has never looked so chic.

Jaden Smith’s Get Down Style: a Total Mess