A History of Jared Leto’s Personal Style

Photo: Michael Stewart/WireImage

In the minds of some fans, Jared Leto will forever be flannel-clad ’90s dreamboat Jordan Catalano. But it’s been a long time since his personal style could be described as grungy or understated. These days, Leto favors bright colors and high-end designers — which might explain the leprechaun-green Gucci coat that launched a thousand memes.

Looking back on, say, the moment in 2001 when he wore corn rows and a silky pink button-down, Leto’s flashy aesthetic for promoting Suicide Squad doesn’t seem like such a leap. This is a man who, as an alt-rock heartthrob fronting the band Thirty Seconds to Mars, took the stage in capes and furry animal hats. The father of ombré envy cleans up nicely, too, which may be how he earned his spot as a face of Gucci.

Click through the slideshow ahead to admire all of his best and wackiest looks, from military Balmain paired with snow boots to whatever this is.

Jared Leto’s Style, Leading to that Green Jacket