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J.Crew Has Identified 226 Shades of Pink

A pink look from J.Crew.
A pink look from J.Crew. Photo: Courtesy of J Crew

Even considering how much people love pink right now, J.Crew is particularly bullish. In fact, we recently learned that, with scientific precision, the brand’s color library has isolated more than 226 unique shades of pink, from Sunkissed Peony to Crisp Begonia.

“What I really love about pink for fall is the different personalities it can assume,” womenswear designer Somsack Sikhounmuong — the man behind this pink faux-fur coat — told the Cut. Thus, the fact that the brand is splashing it on everything from outerwear to pajama sets, becoming the biggest pink-pushers since Kay Thompson’s character in Funny Face. 

But which one is his favorite? “Dark blueish pinks, light orange-y pinks, dark orange-y pinks, light pale pinks, neon pinks, chalky pinks, dull pinks, brights — I could go on and on. The appeal of pink for me is that you’re bound to find what fits whatever your personality is.” Elle Woods would approve.

J.Crew Has Identified 226 Shades of Pink