Josh Duggar Sued by the Man Whose Profile Picture He Used on Ashley Madison

Josh Duggar, Matthew McCarthy
Josh Duggar, Matthew McCarthy Photo: Getty Images, Matthew James McCarthy/Facebook

Last year, Josh Duggar was the first celebrity name to surface following a massive Ashley Madison hack and subsequent posting of user data. This was a few months after the 19 Kids and Counting star and married father of five was revealed to have molested four of his sisters; shortly after the Ashley Madison hack, Duggar entered a faith-based rehab center for sex and pornography addiction.

Now, nearly a year later, he’s being sued by the man whose face he used on Ashley Madison, OKCupid, and a variety of other dating sites (because if you’re a famous religious television personality, you can’t sneak behind your wife’s back to meet other women without some light catfishing).

TMZ reports that photographer and DJ Matthew McCarthy is suing Duggar for the wrongful use of his images, as well as damages. McCarthy, who TMZ notes was “raised in a strong-knit Catholic family,” says he’s been embarrassed by this scenario and has been receiving messages he’s been calling him “Duggar’s boy toy” and “DJ Duggar.”

Josh Duggar Sued for Using Man’s Photo on Sites