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Oh Dear, Now Justin Bieber Is Fully Naked While on Vacation

The Biebs.
The Biebs. Photo: Theo Wargo/Getty Images

A mere two days after photos of Orlando Bloom’s penis on a paddleboard were released to a frenzied internet, Justin Bieber has been spotted fully naked while on vacation in Hawaii. He’s joined by topless model girlfriend Sahara Ray and topless model friend Chloe Traichel, who did not let their quest for nudity get in the way of their desire to wear flower crowns.

But the timing of these photos begs the question: Is this just classic laissez-faire Bieber nudist behavior, or some sort of quizzically thought-out but extremely calculated revenge ploy against his nemesis?

I say: a dong for a dong.

Oh Dear, Now Justin Bieber Is Naked on Vacation