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Wow, So Nice of Kit Harington to Buy Everything You Need to Have a Romantic Picnic

Photo: The Image Direct

Kit Harington is terribly, terribly sorry that he’s late for your picnic, but he’s power walking over from the grocery store right now with a bag full of Tropicana and one freshly baked baguette. He hopes you don’t mind, but he already helped himself to one of the San Pellegrino blood orange-sodas (he stopped calling them aranciata rossa after you told him he sounded like he was imitating Giada De Laurentiis, in a mean way).

Anyway, he’ll be there in ten minutes … oh, wait. Make that 20. He forgot the Brie and left that bottle of your favorite rosé in his fridge.

This day is a disaster.

Kit Harington Packed a Picnic for You