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Lena Dunham Announces Short-Story Collection; Hannah Horvath Quietly Suppresses Her Rage

Lena Dunham. Photo: Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for Glamour

“Good. Good for her,” Girls’ Hannah Horvath would say about Lena Dunham’s upcoming short story collection Best and Always, right before, say, hurling Lena’s bike under a garbage truck. She’s not that mature yet. While Dunham’s TV character left the Iowa Writers’ Workshop before slowly scrabbling her way back to writing, Random House will be publishing the actress’s first fiction book sometime next year. After releasing Lenny Letter’s summer fiction issue, Dunham revealed on Instagram, “This issue was also an exciting lil’ way to let you know that I’m at work on my first fiction collection, Best and Always, to be published next year by Random House.” You can read her short story “The Mechanic” in the latest Lenny Letter. Dunham also previously published her memoir Not That Kind of Girl in 2014, a fact that an older, wiser Hannah would process calmly and reasonably as she crashes a coffee truck into the side of Dunham’s house.

Lena Dunham Announces Short-Story Collection