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Let Comedian Casey Jane Ellison Show You How You’re Secretly Made of Money

At Red Bull Studios New York in March, comedian Casey Jane Ellison —whom you may recognize from her highly influential video series What the F*shion? and Touching the Artheld a talk, a panel, and a “forced mixer” to discuss the one issue that plagues us all: how to make that cold, hard cash. For starters, Ellison says, you must recognize that “you are a ho.”

“When you are born in a hospital, you have to pay the hospital’s rent. That’s your first act as a person.”

The video from the panel went online this week, and the lessons are invaluable, both from Ellison and her panel of entrepreneurs, mavericks, and friends. Ellison asks the tough questions to people including Leilah Weinraub, CEO of Hood by Air and brand consultant Sean Monahan, founder of K-Hole: When you look at a kebab of fresh fruit, have you ever asked yourself, “Is there suffering in that?”

Let Casey Jane Ellison’s Finance Lessons Wash Over You