i'm not crying

Tripped-Up Olympic Runners Finish Race Together in Apparent Attempt to Make Me Weep Uncontrollably at My Desk

Photo: Ian Walton/Getty Images

We’ve seen viral Olympics moments from impressive wins, and also horses dancing to Santana featuring Rob Thomas, but here’s one from an impressive loss: During a women’s 5,000-meter heat today, New Zealand’s Nikki Hamblin tripped and took Team USA’s Abbey D’Agostino down with her. And in a move so professional and genuine it is warming even my tiny, icy blogger heart, D’Agostino helped her competition back to her feet and told her they had to finish the race. “This is the Olympic Games,” she told Hamblin, according to ESPN. “We have to finish this.”

From there, the two made their way toward the finish line with D’Agostino coming in just behind Hamblin due to an injury sustained from the fall. Fortunately, both women will still be allowed to run in the final later this week. “That girl was the Olympic spirit right there,” Hamblin said after the race. “I am so impressed and inspired by that.” Tears.

Abbey D’Agostino Helps Nikki Hamblin Finish Race