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Olympians Took So Many Selfies at the Opening Ceremony Last Night

Baby, you're a firework.
Baby, you’re a firework. Photo: Jess Fox /Instagram

Olympic athletes might look superhuman, but they have normal, everyday needs like you and me. They need food and sex and safety from poop lagoons, and they need to commemorate their lives on social media, too. Besides, those opening-ceremony selfies are gonna go over gangbusters on Tinder.

Jess Fox, a kayaker for Australia, is really feeling it.

Team USA swimmer Cierra Runge is so excited, y’all.

Team Great Britain is composed of selfie experts.

Harrison Barnes, who plays basketball for Team USA, is having the best time.

Team USA’s Angel McCoughtry got a selfie with Serena Williams …

And with Team USA’s fencing queen, Ibtihaj Muhammad …

And with Michael Phelps!

Jana Dukátová, a kayaker for Slovakia, is psyched.

Felipe Reyes, who plays basketball for Spain, is wearing a fedora, but it isn’t his fault.

Awesome beard action.


Olympians Took So Many Selfies Last Night