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5,300-Year-Old Mummified Iceman Probably Would’ve Been a Street-Style Star

Photo: Getty Images

In 1991, a naturally mummified man who lived around 3,300 BCE was discovered in the Italian Alps and nicknamed Ötzi. It took scientists another 25 years to discover what Ötzi’s fashion sense was like, but now we know: Had he lived today, dude would’ve been a street-style star. Or, at the very least, an Instagram influencer.

The Guardian reports that “the iceman was potentially a versatile tailor, with skins from sheep, goats and cattle as well as hides from a brown bear and roe deer used to create his outfit.” Along with his enthusiasm for leather (paging Rick Owens), he also favored a plush fur hat.  

Ron Pinhasi of University College, Dublin, co-authored the research and called Ötzi “pretty picky.” He even has the perfect dramatic mononym and Instagram handle: Ötzi.

Niall O’Sullivan, a researcher from the Institute for Mummies and the Iceman, added, “He had to rapidly changed his clothes and he was probably constantly renewing the clothes and augmenting it.” Sure, that was probably because the leather disintegrated quickly, but maybe Ötzi also liked to subtly change up his lewk.

Mummified Iceman Sounds Like a Street-Style Star