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Seth Cohen Keeps Talking About Being a Dad and We Love It

Seth Cohen (Adam Brody). Photo: Ray Tamarra/Getty Images

Last week, the Earth briefly stopped rotating on its axis because Seth Cohen (Adam Brody) told People a story about being a dad. Of his one-year-old baby girl Arlo, he said:

“I do a nice morning hike with my daughter, that’s always a treat. It’s something to do in the wee hours of the morning when she’s up. It’s a good activity for both of us. We hike around our house … watching the sunrise with a kid is pretty fun. I have her in the [Baby] Björn.”

Damn, it’s still good. A treat for Seth Cohen and a treat for us, to imagine it happening in real life.

Today, as part of the ongoing press tour for his upcoming “Crackle series” StartUp (still haven’t figured out what that is, but I’ll watch it), Seth did a Reddit AMA. And he mentioned his daughter twice! I will reproduce those instances for you, below.

QUESTION: Was it hard to film away from home now when you have a daughter?

SETH COHEN’S ANSWER: she travels :)

SECOND QUESTION: How did you choose your daughter’s name?


Two perfect answers from the perfect man you always imagined being a father to your children. To quote a song that was probably once featured in an episode of The O.C., “We live in a beautiful world (yeah we do, yeah we do).”

Seth Cohen Keeps Talking About Being a Dad and We Love It