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Teen, Forced to Go on Vacation With Her Family, Calls 911

Photo: Laurence Mouton/Getty Images

No teen is fond of a family vacation. Once, on a trip to the Grand Canyon when I was 13, I refused to get out of the car because I said I already knew what it looked like. But a rare brave teen took her disgust for family bonding time to the limit last week when, from a rental cottage in Trent Hills, Ontario, she called 911 complaining that her family had “forced her” to go on vacation with them.

Officers did show up to the rental cottage just to see whether everything was okay, and found nothing was amiss. The 15-year-old was cautioned that she was not using the emergency number correctly, but if you’ve ever been on a family vacation, you can understand where she was coming from.


Teen — Trapped on Family Vacation — Calls 911