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The Election Is Keeping People From Getting Engaged, Apparently

Is Trump scaring couples out of marriage?

The ongoing horror show that is the presidential election is having ramifications not only when it comes to our collective faith in society, but also — god forbid— on the desire of couples to commit to spending the rest of their lives with each other. Jared, the self-named “Galleria of Jewelry,” saw its sales fall almost 8 percent last quarter, and according to Mark Light, the CEO of Signet (Jared’s parent company), the decline is thanks to the uncertain times in which we live.

It’s an industry-wide “consumer mindset issue that relates to bridal,” Light told Bloomberg Businessweek. “They just want to get some stability and understand what’s going on as a whole in the world, and what’s going on in the presidential election.”

Don’t we all, Mark. He added, “Once we get through the elections, hopefully we’ll see some stability.” If a dip in diamond sales is the worst thing that comes out of this election, we’ll take it.

The Election Is Keeping People From Getting Engaged