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Vogue Brazil Photoshopped Able-Bodied Models for Paralympics Campaign

Contrary to popular belief (or current presidential candidates), not all publicity is good publicity.

Vogue Brazil’s “We Are All Paralympians” campaign features able-bodied actors Paulo Vilhena and Cléo Pires with digitally erased limbs, for the seemingly noble intention of raising awareness for the upcoming Paralympics.

Vilhena posted a behind-the-scenes photo on Instagram of the actors posing with the actual athletes whose bodies inspired the post-production changes, Bruna Alexandre and Renato Leite. Alexandre, a table-tennis player from Brazil, had her right arm amputated when she was a child, and Leite, who is a sitting volleyball player, has a prosthetic leg.

The resulting awareness is probably not the kind they were going for.

Vogue Brazil Paralympics Campaign Goes Awry