Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of August 15

Illustration: Jen May

The moon moves so quickly, crossing the night as fast as a dream. The moon guides your feelings, and your feelings aren’t stuck. This month’s new moon in Leo now becomes full in Aquarius. What have you done with the seeds that you planted? What can you see, now that your eyes have become so clear?

Aries: This is a week for echoes and symbols and coincidences. The world is full and your mind is quick: You can see magic everywhere you look. It might feel like you’re getting more information than you can use, but you don’t need to act on all of it right away. There are thoughts that still need time to grow into their total power. There are feelings still waiting until the time is right. It’s enough, for now, to stay observant. Keep your bright eyes open.

Taurus: This is a week for small moments, for repetition, for muscle memory. This is a week for walking on the same streets over and over again, and for listening to songs on repeat. Other weeks can bring earthshaking newness, but this one is for building wisdom. This one is for the knowledge stored quietly inside you — it’s a kind of magic, too, and it’s anything but boring.

Gemini: There is more than one kind of ambition, and more than one way to set your heart buzzing. There is a power inside you that shouts its own name, and there is greatness in you that moves steady and quiet as a river. This week, you might feel a pressure to choose between these different parts of yourself. Push back against this. Your wildness is sweet and whole, and it can’t be divided.

Cancer: This is a week for looking out the window on the bus, watching the city move past you all colorful and alive. This is a week for hearing the sounds on the street, music and voices, a siren, an ice-cream truck. There’s a feeling of harmony, on weeks like this, when the Earth moves sweetly and so do you.

Leo: When you wake up in the morning, go to your window and look out at all the space opening up around you. Sometimes change can happen too fast to see, and sometimes it can move too slowly to notice. Sometimes, if you aren’t paying attention, a new world can look nearly the same as the old one. Look out from this point, at this new future that has opened up while you were asleep. There are bright changes coming. There are brand-new hues of gold. What do you want? What do you see?

Virgo: You can’t fix every problem or fill every hole in every life. This week, try to clear out your head a little. It’s okay to wander and it’s okay to play. Give yourself room to really think. There’s a breeze in the evening and an edge in your dreams. People will tell you you’ve stopped growing, but you haven’t, and if you pay attention, you can feel your love moving and getting larger.

Libra: This week, watch for the ways that the world reflects you back to yourself. You are not endless and you aren’t everything — you’re small and specific and strange. This isn’t bad, and it doesn’t signal any lack. Being called to your body is how you can see clearly again. Let the sun in your eyes bring you back to yourself. Let the night air on your skin remind you where you are. There are so many people so different from you — what a gift to know who you are.

Scorpio: This week can bring a light in the sky, a song in the distance, a glint of gold on the gray street. Your days won’t always move like you expect, and this is a very good thing. Joy won’t always be visible right away. There are gifts that look like what they are, and ones that disguise themselves, ones that hide underground or in the dark. Let your good luck surprise you, this week. Keep your eyes open.

Sagittarius: You might feel invisible this week, but this isn’t like death and it isn’t a trap. It means you can move in a different way. You can feel yourself as a seed underground. You can feel your heart singing like cicadas in the night. The world can feel so watchful, so close — what would you do with a break from this? What would you do with a moment just for you? You can use this time. Hold your bright self close.

Capricorn: This week can feel like the end of a movie, when the threads come together and the story makes sense. This week can feel like a key change, like a shift in perspective, like the moment the sun rises above the horizon. You can’t build a home in moments like these, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t real. They can glow; they can sing; they can keep you alive. Even in a summer like this one, there’s goodness.

Aquarius: It isn’t bad to feel a stretch in your muscles. It isn’t bad to feel sweat on your skin, or a buzz in your head. This is a week for using your powers. This is a week about the knowledge of deep water alive beneath you, or a long road ahead, or a deep forest all around you, quiet, watchful. Comfort is not the only way to happiness, and happiness is not the only worthwhile feeling. Life is full and your arms are strong. Keep moving.

Pisces: This is a week for letting air into your life and sunlight into your house. This is a week for sitting alone in the park, if you want, or ignoring the phone, or eating ice cream, or laughing long and loud. You can scream; you can shrug; you can breathe. You’ve already climbed the mountains; you’ve crossed the desert; you’ve survived the coldest winter. You’ve done bright, impossible things, and you don’t need to seek perfection. You’re better than perfect: You’re alive. You’re real.

Your Horoscope for the Week of August 15