Your Horoscope for the Week of August 22

Illustration: Jen May

There is motion in the sky and motion on the ground this week as the sun enters Virgo. The summer is not yet over, but the earth is moving us toward fall. How will you move with it? What will you carry with you, and what will you leave behind?

Aries: When you’re pulled by gravity and love, the demands of the world might feel heavier than you can bear. In the midst of so much spinning change, it can feel difficult to keep your own balance. You can lose your sense of your own shining core. Use this week to rediscover the parts of yourself that have slipped out of sight, the ones you thought you had to lay down. We move along strange wide orbits, but nothing is really lost. The best parts of yourself can still be yours.

Taurus: Sometimes the pressure can build up in your insides, like you’re ready to burst, like you’re ready to bloom. Sometimes there’s too much going on to hold it in — this is okay. There’s a fire inside you that needs a release; there’s a brightness that needs to be seen. Don’t hold yourself away from the world. Don’t treat your thoughts like they’ll wither if you let them out in the sun. Even magic like yours needs space to move and fresh air to breathe.

Gemini: Even the rivers can change their courses, and even the forests can burn and grow again. Skies and walls and loves can shift, even when you thought they’d stand firm forever, and this is nothing to cry over, nothing to fear. Sorrow and loss are real, but so is the bright newness that springs up soft and green from the earth. This week you’re a lookout, you’re a lighthouse, so keep your watch: Every change could be the one you’ve been searching for.

Cancer: There are faraway planets as solid as the building you live in, and there are birds and fish as real as you are, and there are other people with worlds and worlds inside of them, and still you can only be the person you are. It’s a funny way to live, accepting this. It’s a funny way to grow large and powerful and bright. This week, think: What will you do with what you have? What will you do in your own specific body, in your own bright part of the earth?

Leo: There are weeks for spinning through the clear morning air, and there are weeks that can tire you out with all their motion. Listen: It isn’t a weakness to need a break. In this week’s twilights and rainy afternoons, give your tired self time to rest. You can take a bath; you can drink a cup of tea; you can call someone who loves you. This, too, is the bright work of living. This too can keep you alive.

Virgo: There are different ways to become free, and here is one: Imagine how it would feel to live your life without so many watchful eyes on you. Imagine what you could do, left in the care of your own wild self. What words would you speak? What sounds would you make? How would you move through the forests, through the streets? It isn’t easy to live this way, but it’s worth trying this week. This is the work of coming into your powers.

Libra: This is a good week for asking the questions that scare you. It’s a good week for opening doors, even when you don’t know what’s behind them, and even when the not knowing is its own terror. There are paths worn smooth by your own two feet, there are words at home inside your own mouth, and still: Stranger treasures hide in stranger places. There’s so much you can find this week, if you look.

Scorpio: So often it feels like there’s not enough light in the world, like there’s not enough solid ground to stand on, like there’s not enough green. So often it feels like the life you want is impossible, but it’s not. Remind yourself as often as you have to, this week: You deserve joy as sharp as a knife, and you deserve tenderness, too. Let your imagination flex and grow, and treat your body gently. Drink lots of water. Get plenty of sleep.

Sagittarius: There are moments that can hurt you and haunt you for the rest of your life. Old memories can darken your dreams, even now. You can use your energy to fight them and you can use your strength to run away, but maybe this is a week to stand still for a moment. Imagine you aren’t a branch, you’re a whole tree. Imagine you aren’t a tree, you’re a whole forest. Your sadness can stay with you, but it still can’t stop you.

Capricorn: This week, you might feel most alive in the nighttime — hear the trees rustling quietly, see the moonlight on your skin. This is a week for feeling your way through the darkness. Your vision is clear, but it’s not infallible. There are flowers that bloom in the dark, and there are things you can know at night that you can’t see with your eyes. You can turn inward and live in your weirdest feelings. Even in the dark, the stars can guide you home.

Aquarius: The people around you have their own ideas about how to live, and these ideas don’t need to be yours. You don’t have to be anyone else’s version of a person: You aren’t alone in the world, but you’re the only one living in your body. You’re the only one dreaming your dreams at night. You’re the only one who can truly say what you need and what sets your heart beating.

Pisces: There are feelings you can’t trust but you can still enjoy. There are moments that won’t keep you alive, but that can still light you up. This light matters, too. Don’t demand purity of yourself. Things don’t need to be useful to be good, and they don’t need to be perfect to hold value. You work so hard — you deserve the fire and the laughter and the fun. Don’t ask yourself to live without joy.

Your Horoscope for the Week of August 22