Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of August 8

Illustration: Jen May

You might feel a shift when Saturn goes direct in Sagittarius at the end of this week. There are structures that hold you up, and structures that hold you in — what do you see when you look at them? What do you feel when you move through them? Think: Which of them will you live in, and which of them will you fight?

Aries: What would you need to believe in your own bright magic? What could you do to trust your own power? Belief won’t grow on its own, so how will you nurture it? This week, give yourself space to remember how much you’ve already survived, how much strength you take for granted inside yourself. You give off warmth, and you glow with light. Practice believing that the world needs this, because it does.

Taurus: The earth under your feet pulls at you, and the moon above you pulls too: It can be hard to see a way to live among all these powerful forces. This week, try to remember your full range of motion. You can scream, you can spin, you can float quiet on a cool blue river. You can sit as a mountain, or you can walk until you don’t recognize the trees around you.

Gemini: There are things worse than loneliness and things worse than doubt, but still it takes courage to let your bad feelings breathe. Try, this week, to sit with them. Carry them in your pocket; hold them in your hand. Watch how they catch the light like a prism, casting colors across your wall. These feelings, too, can open doors. They can show you your brightest core, and they can show you how you can live. They won’t always feel this heavy.

Cancer: There’s a wildness inside you that it sometimes feels safer to ignore. This week, try listening when your thoughts get strange. Try listening when your desires start to sing. You don’t have to do anything drastic, and you don’t have to change your world today, but practice generosity with yourself. Keep pushing the borders of your dreams out, out, out, until you have the space you need to really breathe. The universe is expanding, and so are you.

Leo: This is a week for catching your balance and lightening the load that you carry. There are sorrows that you’ve held for long enough and memories that don’t move you anymore: It’s okay to put these down, for now. You don’t have to carry on your back everything that’s ever happened. You can store some of your worries in the closet, and you can toss some up in the sky. The world is still green, and there is sweetness waiting for you up ahead.

Virgo: This week you can be bold and quick. You have the power to make big changes, if you want to. You know the strength of your love and the scale of your desire. You can feel your legs steady on the ground and your heart steady in your chest. Your body is full of water, and your head is full of song, and you know what you need better than anyone.

Libra: It’s okay this week if your thoughts feel scattered. It’s okay to lose focus for a moment. There are weeks for concentration and work, and there are weeks for wandering. There are forests that you haven’t yet seen and songs full of words you don’t know. A straight line is not the only way to move forward. There is more than one way to grow.

Scorpio: This week, try not to get lost inside yourself. It would be easy to do — you hold whole worlds inside yourself, spinning and strange and bright — but you’re a person in this world too. Spend the time you need in the tangled magic of your own thoughts, but don’t get so lost that you forget to come back. Don’t get so caught up that you forget there are other people in the world. They have secrets to show you, too, and their worlds are as vast as your own.

Sagittarius: This week, the sun might shine too hot and the world might buzz too loud. There are days that your own strength and endurance will have to carry you though. This doesn’t mean that there won’t be joy, and this doesn’t mean that there won’t be light. This doesn’t mean there won’t be oceans or kindness. You can lose and find yourself, over and over again. You can keep surviving this world.

Capricorn: It’s possible, even now, to tell yourself a different story than the one that’s been told to you. You can map your own path and speak your own name. This week, remind yourself how much courage you’ve shown in the face of weirdness and change and loss. When the world can’t see the your true bright core, you can still see it for yourself. Let it warm you. Let it shine gold in the night. You’re still in motion, and you belong to yourself.

Aquarius: This is a week to feel your life settling into place, and a week to watch the patterns of your life. The world has been moving so fast around you, and you have been moving so fast inside it. Look around you. You’ve come so far, and your body has gathered so much knowledge. Sit with it, this week. Give yourself space to be still. There is earth beneath your feet and a blue night above you. There’s time to keep moving, but this week, let yourself rest.

Pisces: There are trees that take a long time to grow, and flowers that take a long time to bloom, and planets that take years to move around the sun. There is magic in the world, but there are no shortcuts. There’s no way to outsmart time, and this is okay. Even your small moments are real, and they are good too. You don’t need to rush through your days; you’re at the right place, in the right time, right now.

Your Horoscope for the Week of August 8