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Yell ‘Show Us Your Tits’ at Amy Schumer If You Dare

Amy Schumer will show her tits when she wants to, thanks. Photo: Ida Mae Astute/ABC via Getty Images

If you heckle Amy Schumer, you’d better be prepared to face the consequences. At a recent show in Stockholm, the comedian called out some guy in the crowd who, two minutes into her show, yelled, “Show us your tits!”

First came the public shaming. “Okay wait, I want the guy who just yelled ‘show us your tits’ to come up here,” she said. When he declined, she addressed him in his seat. “What do you do for a living? Sales. How’s that working out? Is it going well? ‘Cause we’re not buying it.”

Then, she gave him a gentle warning: “That’s really cute, but if you yell out again, you’re going to be yelling ‘Show us your tits’ to people in the parking lot because you’re going to get thrown out, motherfucker.”

But the man, being a man, did not listen. He shouted something else inaudible, after which Schumer asked security to escort him from the building. His response? “I was about to go anyway.”


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