All the Beauty You Didn’t See on the Gucci Runway

Photo: Christine Hahn

More than one person was reduced to tears at yesterday’s Gucci show — and it wasn’t because of the pink smoke that emanated down the runway. The brand’s granny maximalism and meditation theme (because wellness!) were both big hits with showgoers.

But although the colored smoke and disco lighting added to the dreaminess of the presentation, they also hid the carefully constructed beauty look. Makeup artist Yadim kept the makeup light but bleached the models’ brows and then painted them with lilac, lemon, pink, and pastel greasepaint. Hairstylist Paul Hanlon maintained the integrity of Gucci’s diverse casting by giving each model an individualistic hairstyle that blended modern and Edwardian influences.

Photographer Christine Hahn captured all the details hidden under the smoke, from the face tattoos to the teardrop sunglasses to the sequin messaging to the Little Lord Fauntleroy ringlets.

What You Didn’t See on the Gucci Runway