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New York Magazine’s Sex Lives: Can Masturbation Be a Radical Act?

Photo: Mark Leibowitz/Masterfile/Corbis

Chris Donaghue was working as a psychologist, and he was bored. So he switched to sex therapy — and discovered his own queer identity. Since then he’s hosted two reality shows, written two books, and had sex with people of all genders and orientations. But his most radical sexual choice? Prioritizing masturbation, he says. During a break at New York’s annual Sexual Health Expo, Dr. Chris explained how to radicalize your solo sex life, breaking free from gender binaries, and why he’s so over picking up hookups at bars. Oh, and he totally spoils the outcome of controversial gay dating show Finding Prince Charming. (Fast forward to 22:40 if all you want is the gossip, which actually makes the gay version of The Bachelor seem even more similar to the straight one.) Sorry, Lance.

Can Masturbation Be a Radical Act?