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Chelsea Handler Would Like to Take This Opportunity to Remind Everyone How Much She Doesn’t Like Angelina Jolie

Chelsea Handler has never been much of an Angelina Jolie fan — to put it lightly. Now, with the demise of Brangelina, Handler has the perfect opportunity to remind everyone exactly how much she doesn’t like Jolie or her (former) relationship with Brad Pitt. And, in a minute-long preview of her weekly Netflix show, Handler does not mince words.

In the short spot, Handler pokes fun at the fizzled relationship and says she is now taking marriage proposals (thank you very much) after initially stating she wouldn’t get married until Pitt and Jolie divorced. She also rationalizes why the rumors of Pitt smoking weed might make sense and totally blasts Jolie, at one point calling her a “lunatic.” Ouch. All of this shouldn’t be too much a surprise, though. Handler has previously trash-talked Pitt + Jolie, and she’s been one of Jennifer Aniston’s best gal-pals for years. So, while Aniston might be staying mum, Handler isn’t holding back — you can also find her venting on Twitter.

Chelsea Handler Has Some Thoughts on the End of Brangelina