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College Student Printed Out Her Roommate’s Subtweets and Posted Them in the Dorm in Today’s Best College Drama

Brutal. Photo: jessiejeanie/Twitter

Back in my day, if you hated your roommate, you’d march uphill in the snow to the mail center and send an angry telegram to your real friends. But today, if you hate your roommate, you can tweet about her. Just make sure your Twitter is private — otherwise you run the risk of your now-angry roommate finding your tweets, printing them out, and stapling them to a public bulletin board.

Penn State student @JessyJeanie tweeted a picture of her handiwork yesterday afternoon. Since then, more than 200,000 people have faved and retweeted the picture, and the saga has continued in her subsequent tweets and replies. Following her viral tweet, @JessyJeanie alleged that her roommate called the cops “because I had weed and she hates me.” (@JessyJeanie also claims she had previously asked the roommate about keeping weed in their room, which her roommate allegedly said was “okay” if she didn’t get caught.) The women’s R.A. has since reached out to attempt to mediate the situation, to which we say, uh, well, good luck!

Meanwhile, the drama has only grown on Twitter, with people from both sides weighing in on the incident. (Get your popcorn out now.) @JessyJeanie’s roommate has not tweeted anything about the incident, but as of publishing this story, her subtweets were still up and public. (Though let’s be honest, calling out your roommate by name as “roommate” is the lowest level of subtweeting.)

This story is officially better than anything on television this fall and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

This Student Put Up Printouts of Her Roommate’s Subtweets