How to Style a Message Tee for Fashion Week

Photo: Meredith Jenks

At Fashion Week, every outfit sends a message – even if the wearer is pretending she just threw it on. The street-style peacocks are screaming “Look at me!” The black-clad publicists are groaning “I just want this to be over.” Even the chic normals are saying something along the lines of “I have excellent taste and a reasonably sized ego.”

For this New York Fashion Week, we decided to literalize the idea of making a statement by shooting the Cut’s editors in message tees. After all, in an election year like this one, it’s hard to tune out the rest of the world for the sake of fashion.

In the slideshow ahead, find eight Cut editors in the message tees they’d wear to Fashion Week. And read on below for where to follow everyone on social media — because starting right now, we’ll be documenting every last funny, fabulous, dramatic, inspiring, and ridiculous thing that goes down at the shows.

Meet the Editors

Cathy Horyn

Title: Fashion Critic at Large

Twitter: @CathyHoryn

Stella Bugbee

Title: Editorial Director

Twitter: @StellaBugbee

Instagram: @StellaBugbee

Snapchat: @StellaBugbee

Rebecca Ramsey

Title: Style Director

Twitter: @RebeccaRams

Instagram: @RebeccaRams

Snapchat: @rramsey4

Izzy Grinspan

Title: Senior Editor

Twitter: @izzygrinspan

Snapchat: @izzygrinspan

Véronique Hyland

Title: Senior Fashion News Editor

Twitter: @Veroniquean

Instagram: @niquepeeks

Snapchat: @niquepeeks

Diana Tsui

Title: Senior Market Editor

Twitter: @chupsterette

Instagram: @chupsterette

Snapchat: @chupsterette

Lindsay Peoples

Title: Fashion Market Editor

Twitter: @lrpeoples

Instagram: @lrpeoples

Shiona Turini

Title: Contributing Editor

Instagram: @shionat

Twitter: @shionat

Snapchat: @shionat

Indya Brown

Title: Fashion Assistant

Instagram: @indyabrown

Kathleen Hou

Title: Senior Beauty Editor

Twitter: @KathleenHou

Instagram: @KatHou

Snapchat: @KathleenHou

Ashley Weatherford

Title: Associate Beauty Editor

Twitter: @sincerelyash

Instagram: @ashley.weatherford

Snapchat: @ash.weatherford

Allie Jones

Title: Celebrity Writer

Twitter: @allierileyjones

Instagram: @allierileyjones

Snapchat: @allierileyjones

Photo: Meredith Jenks

Diana Tsui, Senior Market Editor

“Cartoonist Lela Lee came up with Angry Little Asian Girl over 20 years ago as a student at UC Berkeley, and it resonated with me from the first time I saw those two little middle fingers. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind and call out the bullshit Asian-American women put up with, albeit in a funny, cute way.”

Photo: Meredith Jenks

Véronique Hyland, Senior Fashion News Editor

“I love nothing more than a musical pun, and as I prepare for my latest singing role, this Vocal Rest shirt will serve me in good stead.”

Photo: Meredith Jenks

Ashley Weatherford, Associate Beauty Editor

“I love a good girl group, and when I saw some of my favorites immortalized in this Haus of Swag T-shirt, I knew I had to have it. In a way, the Cut is kind of like a giant girl group — just don’t ask any of us to carry a tune.”

Photo: Meredith Jenks

Stella Bugbee, Editorial Director

“I love the little verbal joke of this tee, as well as the more serious meaning. It’s a perfect Fashion Week message.”

Photo: Meredith Jenks

Izzy Grinspan, Senior Editor

“My first boyfriend gave me this Susan B. Anthony shirt in high school. It belonged to his mom, who wore it to protests in the ‘70s. The text says ‘Failure is impossible’ — a nice reminder of what feminism has accomplished, from the late 1800s to the ‘70s to today.”

Photo: Meredith Jenks

Kathleen Hou, Senior Beauty Editor

“I’ve loved DKNY since the ‘90s, even before I realized what DKNY stood for. Wearing this T-shirt reminds me of that nostalgia, and my first Fashion Week, when I was literally a dazed kid wandering around New York. (Sometimes, I’m still like that now.)”

Photo: Meredith Jenks

Indya Brown, Fashion Assistant

“As a recent college grad, I’m trying to be a real adult but I definitely feel helplessly infantile without my parents. So let’s call this shirt aspirational.”

Photo: Meredith Jenks

Rebecca Ramsey, Style Director

“With the election fewer than 60 days away, how can you think about anything else right now?”

How to Style a Message Tee for Fashion Week