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A Judge Threw Out the Lawsuit by the Former Miss Puerto Rico Who Asked for Her Crown Back After Daring to Speak Her Mind

Photo: Instagram

An important chapter has closed in the months-long pageant drama starring the former Miss Puerto Rico Kristhielee Caride. A judge threw out Caride’s lawsuit this week and with it any opportunity for her to reclaim her title, prizes, and the opportunity to represent Puerto Rico in Miss Universe, according to Telemundo. Oh, and she also lost her bid for the $3 million she was seeking in damages.

Caride’s problems officially began when she was stripped of her title in March, but it was her perceived “attitude” in a series of earlier instances that really got her in trouble. Apparently her pretty reasonable insistence on using her own stylists instead of the ones provided was a no-go. She also reportedly failed to show up for a talk show because of bad traffic and gave some snarky answers to a reporter during an interview. It was the final straw for pageant organizers when she — God forbid — said she didn’t like cameras.

Things may have ended badly for Caride, but there’s likely at least one person who’s happy with all this pageant drama. Caride’s runner-up, Brenda Jiménez, took her crown and spotlight.

Former Miss Puerto Rico Lost Lawsuit to Win Back Crown