I’m Trying to Be Unbiased About This Article, But It’s Written by a Man So I Can’t

Photo: vadimguzhva/Getty Images/iStockphoto

This morning, after sobbing because of PMS and screeching relentlessly into the ears of every man in my vicinity about how women allegedly “don’t have rights,” I was sent an article from The Wall Street Journal titled “Why Women in Tech Might Consider Just Using Their Initials Online.” This looks interesting! I thought. Let’s crack it open.

Oh no. The author, whose image and name appear right below the headline, makes it impossible for me to read without considering my predetermined bias against men. John Greathouse — a MAN — you should have used your initials if you wanted me to take this article seriously. Guess I have to go read an article by a woman now, a gender that I inherently trust and care about.

Sorry, John. Go by J.G. next time.

I Can’t Put Aside My Bias to Read This Article by a Man