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Jenna Lyons’s Assistant Brings Her a Hard-Boiled Egg From Home Every Day

Photo: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for Samsung

Not only does Jenna Lyons have a signature look, she also has a signature lunch: The president and creative director of J.Crew revealed to Bon Appétit that she eats the exact same thing for lunch every single day because it “takes all the guesswork out.” (Same.) It used to be the Time Café Cobb salad, then two tomato soups from ‘wichcraft, and now it’s back to Cobb salads, this time from Westville.

“The Cobb salad at Westville makes me crazy because my assistant has been trying to get them to put a hard-boiled egg in my salad and they keep sending it with a fried egg, so she brings me one from home, which I feel very guilty about,” Lyons said. (Definitely not same.)

Weird, I really want a personal assistant all of a sudden.

Jenna Lyons’s Assistant Always Brings Her an Egg From Home