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Jeremy Scott Is Sick of Sexism Against Hillary

Hillary Clinton. Photo: Joe Schildhorn /

Making the Fashion Week rounds over the past few days, the Cut asked every celebrity we encountered about the presidential campaign. Nearly everyone declined to comment except for Jeremy Scott and Tyson Beckford, both of whom are firmly with Hillary Clinton.

“I was Hillary in ’08. I love Obama, but I was Hillary first, so I was happy to be back there with her again,” designer Scott said, adding that he believes she is getting a bum rap simply because she’s female. He believes sexism even plays a part in Hillary’s reportedly high rate of unpopularity among the American people. “Not only are so many men afraid to let a woman be in power, other women have grown in our society to think a man has to take care of you, has to protect you, so I think a lot of women don’t even realize that they’re subconsciously against her for no good reason.”

The recent news about “pay to play” dealings at the Clinton Foundation is a nonissue, Scott believes. “Anyone that thinks that pay to play doesn’t happen in everything else that goes on in this society can just go live in a cave. It’s in politics, in fashion, in journalism, in music; come on, everyone scratches everyone’s back, helps their friend,” he said. “That’s kind of life, and I don’t find it shocking, nor did there seem to be something that did happen [because of it].”

He added that wanting to sit next to someone like, say, Joe Biden at a dinner is a normal impulse as well. “Everyone’s, like, celebrity-obsessed and wants to sit next to whoever. So I feel everyone is unfair.”

Scott also thinks the flap over her email server is not important. “I don’t give a fuck about her emails,” he said. Beckford chimed in, “Who gives a rat’s ass about some old emails? Did the Russians attack us? No. Let it go.”

Jeremy Scott Is Sick of Sexism Against Hillary