I Loved This Thing At Fashion Week

The Singer From Twin Peaks Made a Surprise Appearance at the Creatures of the Wind Show

Photo: Monica Feudi

Creatures of the Wind’s runway show today gave off some real David Lynch vibes, and it wasn’t just the slightly surreal setting at 24th Street’s gilded Masonic Hall. Just before the show began, a woman with a blonde shag in a silver cocktail dress emerged from backstage and began to sing in a high, haunting voice. She performed three songs as the models walked, and when she was done we all immediately Googled her.

Lynchian was right: It was Julee Cruise, who sang the eerie theme song to Twin Peaks and frequently appeared on the show. Her dress, of course, was custom Creatures of the Wind. As Fashion Week surprises go, this was a good one — good enough that one woman in the front row was moved to tears by the combination of the setting and the music.

Fashion Week Gets an Unexpected Touch of David Lynch