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Allow Katy Perry to Take You on a Wild Philosophical Journey Through the Internet

Photo: Bill Clark/CQ-Roll Call/Getty

Those of us who use the internet every day have likely had questions about our usage from time to time. Questions like: Is maniacally refreshing Twitter every 30 seconds affecting my mental health? Why did I click through all 400 Facebook wedding photos of someone I haven’t seen in ten years? Did I really just spend $200 to explain what subtweeting is to my therapist over the course of two sessions? You know, the usual.

Katy Perry, noted rich and famous person, has also pondered the World Wide Web. In a new interview with Women’s Wear Daily, the pop star shares her thoughts and anxieties about social media. And it’s an emotional roller coaster if I’ve ever been on one. (Of course I have.)

You get dopamine every time you post something and you get that reaction. But it’s weird being the person that has the most followers. I know what that animal is and it’s a dance, you know? I do all my posting which you can tell because sometimes I have horrible grammar or typos or I post late. In the beginning you’re, like, ‘I have this ambition and no one can tell me no’ and you get it, right? 

Right, Katy, right.

Then there’s this period where everyone has a say and then the whole world has a say. Everyone’s talking, everyone’s chatting then you’re, like, ‘Whoa, s–t. Did I start these conversations or am I part of the convo or what is this?’ So it does like seep into a slow drip and at a certain point if you don’t cut it off it will eat you alive. Or you cut if off and you get it back. I am no longer hanging onto the rocket and riding for dear life. I’m standing and surfing the rocket. I got on top of it. I’m riding it like a f–king cowboy at a rodeo now.


Katy Perry Shares Her Wild Thoughts on the Internet