the end of girls

Is the Cast of Girls Going to Be Okay?

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/lenadunham; Courtesy of Instagram/aw

HBO show Girls recently had its last day of shooting, and some of the cast and crew are taking it pretty hard. Namely, Lena Dunham and Allison Williams, whose Instagram feeds have been awash with the sort of inconsolable grief usually reserved for the last day of summer camp or the death of a beloved Instagram animal. Understandable! The end of a TV show is a sad thing, and we’ve all been through so much together. Still, as a concerned onlooker, I just wanted to check in: Are you guys okay?

Seriously, is everything okay?

You want me to call someone?

Can I get you anything?

Cookie? Blanket?

Warm glass of milk?

Might I suggest an adorable cat video to cheer you up?

Thinking of you. :(

Is the Cast of Girls Going to Be Okay?