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Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of September 12

Illustration: Jen May

This week brings a full moon and a penumbral lunar eclipse in Pisces, the zodiac’s last sign. As this moon has moved across the sky, what have you seen? What have you dreamed, and what dreams will you carry forward from here?

Aries: This week, when your curiosity rears up, don’t try to hold it in. Pay attention to the shape it takes in your guts, and the colors it casts in the world. Pay attention to the places it tries to lead you. Some weeks ask for simple faith, and some weeks demand something different. In the forest, in the city, in the dark, truths wait to be seen — but only if you’re brave enough to look, and keep looking.

Taurus: Look ahead to your future, to the days you hope to live inside. Do they shine gold, do they shimmer and glow? Are they soft as a sweater, sweet as rain? I’m not trying to be corny and I’m not joking, either, when I say that there’s something so good waiting for you, and it’s going to take strength and energy to get there. This week, right now, start practicing. Remember where in your body your daring lives. Start remembering how to call upon your brightest fire.

Gemini: The world demands so much of you just to live in it — your attention, your love, your weird tender grace. It’s hard, when the earth keeps buzzing and shifting, to carve out a space just to sit with your own self. It’s hard to take a moment to hear your own voice. This week, you don’t need to climb to the top of a mountain and you don’t need to trek through forests and fog. You don’t need to seek out loneliness, just a place to remember your depth.

Cancer: When the world sees you wrong, when it doesn’t understand your wildness, it’s easy to begin underestimating yourself. Sometimes you can fight this by living well, by quietly building your strength, by knowing your own self truly and well. And if this isn’t enough, this week, that is okay too. Some weeks you’re fueled by water and some weeks you’re fueled by the sun, and some weeks it’s okay to be fueled by anger, by need, by pride. You have all these different tools. Use them.

Leo: You don’t need to be endlessly open, like the prairie, like the sea. You don’t need to bare your whole self before the sun and the sky. This is not the only way to show love. It’s not the only way to live truthfully in the world. Sometimes you need protection. Sometimes it’s okay to draw the borders you need. Your sharpness and your strangeness are special. Your mysteries are worth defending.

Virgo: It’s easy to think that things are over before they’re really quite over. It’s easy to see closed circles and neat conclusions when really the world just keeps moving, and there’s still time to live, and there’s still space to change. This week, look for the loops that aren’t really closed. Look for the endings that aren’t endings at all. Let your vision expand. There are so many futures still open and alive.

Libra: No matter how long you’ve already lived, no matter how wise you’ve grown, there’s still space to be surprised by your own depths. When you think your soul has become orderly, it will remind you that it can’t be contained. When you think of your sharp mind as an object, as a tool, it’ll remind you how alive it is. This can feel overwhelming, but there’s joy here too. There’s still wilderness in the world. There’s still love bright enough to set your heart beating.

Scorpio: There are weeks for holding on and weeks for letting go. There are weeks to feel your muscles stretch and tighten, and weeks to let your tired limbs rest. This is a time for giving things up, if you need to. Even when it’s painful, it doesn’t have to be bad. This is just one way of making space to breathe.

Sagittarius: Remind yourself this week that you don’t need to present yourself to the world in a way that makes sense. You’re not an argument and you’re not a math problem; you’re a person made of skin and sound and dreams. You need to be kind and you need to be brave, but you don’t need to be orderly. You don’t have to prove anyone’s theories about you, and you don’t have to stand still. You’re here, defiant and strange and alive. You don’t need a reason.

Capricorn: When your mind gets restless — when it grows all bright and hot with energy — it can be helpful to have something to push back against. How else will you know where you stand? How else will you know your own strength? If you feel conflict this week, try not to worry. Think of it as a tool, or as a gift, or as a friend. This is a good week for challenges. You’re smart enough and brave enough, and you get braver every day.

Aquarius: Even at your most self-contained and wise, sometimes you need to speak your dreams out loud. Even at your most assured, sometimes you need to speak your desires into being. You can’t meet all of your own needs; your body knows this, though your head might need to be reminded. There’s no embarrassment here, no shame. Let your body live in the world. Let your voice carry.

Pisces: The world will sometimes ask you to act like a sponge, a mirror, a pillow for the emotions of other people. And this can be noble and good, but it isn’t the only way to be noble or good. Don’t let anyone, even yourself, make you think this is all you are or all you can do. You’re full of fire and bright secret dreams. You’re full of love that burns too hot to touch. You’re alive, and your energy belongs to you.

Your Horoscope for the Week of September 12