Man Jailed for Illegally Floating Across the Border on an Air Mattress to Visit His Girlfriend in Canada

Photo: Joshua Whitcomb/Getty Images/iStockphoto

Twenty-five-year-old Maine resident John Bennett was arrested on Wednesday for attempting to cross the border illegally into Canada. No, he wasn’t desperately craving Timbits or attempting to spot a glimpse of shirtless Justin Trudeau: Bennett had been trying to reach his pregnant Canadian girlfriend and was previously turned away at a border crossing due to the mischief charges he was facing in the United States.

In the face of adversity, he did the next best thing: He bought an air mattress at Walmart, inflated it, and tried to float across the St. Croix River. Lawyer Peter Thorn, who’s representing the federal Public Prosecution Service of Canada, told CityNews that “he said [his Canadian girlfriend] had an ex-boyfriend who was threatening her, but that hasn’t been confirmed by the other party.”

Bennett was sentenced to two months in jail on Thursday, but, most notably, may be the first man in history whose “girlfriend who lives in Canada” actually exists.

Man Illegally Floats Across Border to See Girlfriend