Public Humiliation

Here’s a Very Good Argument Against Stadium Proposals

The ultrapublic stadium proposal is an extraordinary leap of faith: If you’re rejected by your significant other, your pain and humiliation will be broadcast in real time to thousands of other people. But even if the worst possible scenario doesn’t come true, it can still go horribly wrong.

Take Andrew Fox, a Pennsylvania man who planned to propose to girlfriend Heather Terwilliger at Yankee Stadium on Tuesday night. The camera focused on them, and disaster struck.

“I opened the ring box and got on my knee, and as soon as I opened it, it just fell, and we couldn’t find it for the longest time,” Fox told ABC News. It took a mass search that lasted a full five minutes to find the ring, bits of which can be seen on video here. (It ended up being caught at the bottom of Terwilliger’s pant leg.)

She said yes, because any more embarrassment would just be overkill.  

Here’s a Very Good Argument Against Stadium Proposals