the 411

Mary J. Blige Talks With, and Sings at, Hillary Clinton in Upcoming 411 Show on Apple Music

Back in 1992, a young Mary J. Blige asked, “What’s the 411?,” with her debut album. Now, 24 years later, Blige is ready to get answers with her show The 411 on Apple Music. In the teaser trailer released on Twitter Monday evening, Blige, wearing her interviewing glasses, sits across from Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton for a one-on-one.

From the video, it’s unclear what exactly Blige will be asking Clinton, or how Clinton will answer, but we do get to see Blige serenading the politician and holding her hand as HRC silently delivers her Between Two Ferns side-eye. Here’s hoping it’s just an act and Clinton sings her response right back and we finally get the musical interview America deserves. The 411 will debut on Apple Music on September 30.

Mary J. Blige Teases One-on-One With Hillary Clinton