Megyn Kelly Roasts Trump’s Campaign Manager for Claiming He Doesn’t Make Sexist Comments

The Kelly File.

Two days after Kellyanne Conway accidentally referred to Trump’s “abuse” of women on live TV, Megyn Kelly took Trump’s campaign manager to task for the candidate’s long-documented history of sexism.

While Conway said Trump deserves plaudits for not mentioning “rough stuff” about Clinton during the debates, given that she runs negative ads against him, The Kelly File host fixed her with her best you’ve gotta be freaking kidding me expression.

“Kellyanne, come on. It’s not nice? They are running for president,” Kelly said. “The ads she’s running about him when it comes to his comments on women use his words, Kellyanne.”

While Conway tried to steer the conversation back to Clinton’s record, Kelly, who knows the extent of Trump’s misogyny firsthand, wasn’t having any of it. “You raised the question, he made a couple of comments over 25 years,” said Kelly. “You know that’s not true. You know he has repeatedly made comments about women, about their looks, their size, their weight, even in this campaign, talking about Carly Fiorina’s face, retweeting a negative picture of Heidi Cruz’s face, criticizing Hillary Clinton in her look — Kellyanne, this is an issue for him, is it not?”

Conway demurred that “maybe” that was the case, but Clinton should still stop harping on Trump’s record with women. “She’s killing him with women and she sees an advantage there and is trying to exploit it,” Kelly shot back. “And my question to you is whether he needs to come up with a better answer than telling Fox & Friends, ‘Well, she [Alicia Machado]’ gained a bunch of weight when she won Miss Universe and it was a real problem.’”

Megyn Kelly Roasts Trump’s Campaign Manager Over Sexism