i loved this thing at fashion week

People Were Throwing Dishes and Breaking Things at Fashion Week

Most fashion shows are choreographed to the millisecond: Either the models glide down the catwalk one by one or stand sculpturelike and completely silent. So imagine the crowd’s surprise at Maryam Nassir Zadeh, when the models started smashing crockery.

Zadeh is best known for the minimalist separates she sells to devoted fashion insiders at her Lower East Side boutique. This season, the clothes weren’t exactly minimalist — Zadeh experimented with patterns — but each look came across as effortless. The show was a different story.

What started as a dinner-party tableau quickly turned into a free-for-all as the models sent dishware (and cabbage) flying. They destroyed the seashell centerpiece as a live band played, then broke out into a spontaneous dance party.

“In Iranian culture, when a glass shatters, it is a symbol for warding away the evil eye,” said Zadeh, explaining that her heritage inspired the show. “When these things break, it is a release and positive omen for protection and prosperity. The idea of breaking things is not a cause of sadness or negativity but more a cause for celebration.”

My only complaint is that the audience wasn’t allowed to participate, because breaking shit is the best therapy.

An innocent dinner for the genetically privileged … or not?

The feels are suddenly too much, and it gets real.

The aftermath.

Models Broke Dishes at Maryam Nassir Zadeh’s Show