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Biologist Drops Fire Track About Zika

Andy Lima is a mosquito biologist for Fairfax County, Virginia, who likes to rap — about his job. He goes by MC BuggZ online (though his YouTube handle is EntoGeek, but I digress). He recently dropped an extremely fire track that educates people about the Zika virus. The hook:

Don’t get sick with Zika from the bite of a mosquito
Prevention is easy, relax and I’ll teach ya
Empty water from containers and dress to protect
When you feed ’em you breed ’em so wear approved repellents

The video has surprisingly high production value for a song about a vector-borne disease, including scenes shot with a fish-eye lens. Lima even recruited extras to flip over containers of standing water and douse themselves with bug spray. He also explains how to identify the two types of mosquitoes that can carry the disease and lists its symptoms.

“It’s not necessarily the sexiest message,” he told the Washington Post. “I tried to find a way that’s fun to jazz it up and get it to a wider audience.” Andy, I’m just impressed that you were able to rhyme with pesticide.

Biologist Drops Fire Track About Zika