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These Days, Naomi Campbell Laughs at the Word ‘Supermodel’

Don’t call Naomi a “supermodel,” please. Photo: Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

These days, arguably almost anyone with an Instagram account and a stylish outfit ready to share is a “model.” Some, of course, get so good at being models (or are actually, you know, professionals) that they rise to new levels, becoming “Instagirls,” perhaps even “supermodels,” or just “bitches of the moment.” There’s spirited debate on all sides as to who exactly qualifies as a supermodel. But, there’s at least one (super)model you won’t find using the term anytime soon: Naomi Campbell.

Campbell has long held the esteemed title in the press and in fashion circles, but it turns out she isn’t fond of it. In an interview with the New York Times, she didn’t hold back her eye-roll at the term:

It’s used way too much. And I laugh. I just laugh. We never called ourselves that. It was coined by whatever losers, but I never called myself a supermodel. It’s always been a very competitive career. It’s hard work. It’s a discipline — taking care of yourself inside and out.

Duly noted. “Supermodel Naomi Campbell” is no more.

These Days Naomi Campbell Laughs at the Term ‘Supermodel’