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This Gentle Mask Kills Zits Overnight

Pai Deep Cleanse Mask.

Over the years, sensitive-skin care has gotten a bad rap. A friend once joked that her gentle skin-care lineup felt like a collection of expensive water, and to be frank, she wasn’t far off-base. That’s where something like Pai becomes essential. The sensitive-skin-care brand was founded by a woman with both hypersensitive and acne-prone skin, so she navigated the tricky waters of delivering products that were both effective and non-irritating.

The jewel of the line is the Deep Cleanse AHA Mask. The clay-based formula flushes dirty pores while an assembly of alpha hydroxy acids smooths skin long after you remove the goopy mud. The inclusion of glycerin in the mask guarantees that your skin won’t dry and crinkle, and the absence of alcohols, dyes, and fragrances ensures that your face won’t burn in flames. Use it at night to attack odious zits. Your morning face will be forever grateful.

Buy it: $60 at Credo or Amazon

This Gentle Mask Kills Zits Overnight