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Paris Fashion Week’s Runways Are Still Overwhelmingly White

Chloé, Lanvin, Rochas Photo: Imaxtree

Paris Fashion Week has been chugging along for three days, and while there have been plenty of beautiful moments, the runways haven’t exactly been diverse. In fact, if you’re counting, it’s pretty bleak: Today’s Chloé show featured precisely eight women of color out of 44 looks — and that’s been among the most so far.

Yesterday at Lanvin, it was five women out of 50, while Rochas was three out of 33. Lemaire featured two models of color out of 32 looks. You could go on and on, but the average is well below 10 percent — not exactly a great or societally reflective number.

That’s not to say there isn’t some progress. After an overwhelmingly whitewashed show last season, YSL was decidedly much more diverse this year. With big shows to come, including Balenciaga (another whitewashed show), it remains to be seen if things will change for the better as the week goes on. But here’s hoping?

Paris Fashion Week’s Runways Are Still Overwhelmingly White