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Nation Recovers From Post-Debate Hangover With Mary J. Blige and Hillary Clinton Memes

Mary J. Blige and Hillary Clinton.

The world spent Monday night recovering from the seemingly endless display of sick burns served during the first presidential debate. By Tuesday morning, everyone was ready to focus on the most important issue at hand: Mary J. Blige is sitting down with Hillary Clinton for a one-on-one interview.

The interview won’t be airing until September 30 on Apple Music’s show The 411, and as of yet, we don’t know much about what the two brilliant women will be discussing. But we do know that, in the teaser trailer released Monday, Blige apparently sings to Clinton about police brutality.

Unwilling to merely wait a few days to see what happens, however, the internet bravely stepped up to imagine the conversation between Blige and Clinton, which has resulted in some pretty great memes:

Here’s hoping the interview addresses these important topics.

Nation Self-Soothes With Mary J. Blige Memes