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Trump Campaign Chief Caught on Tape Calling a Female Employee a ‘Bimbo,’ ‘Self-Centered,’ and ‘Deluded’

Steve Bannon, former Breitbart News chairman. Photo: Gerald Herbert/AP Photo

Before Donald Trump hired him as his campaign’s chief executive, Steve Bannon — the executive chair of Breitbart News — had never worked on a political campaign. He had, however, been accused by his wife of domestic violence, committed voter fraud, used a gay slur to describe female students at East Coast schools, and, according to a report from BuzzFeed News, described a female co-worker as a “bimbo” and threatened to “kick her ass.”

The co-worker in question was Abigail Alling, who worked with Bannon on a project called Biosphere II, the purpose of which was to “stimulate the surface of Mars.” In 1994, Alling was charged with staging a break-in that was meant to tip off everyone involved with the project that Bannon couldn’t manage it safely.

As part of Alling’s defense, her attorneys had a conversation recorded between Bannon and an engineer on the project. In it, he talks about his plan to give Alling a “reality check,” to “kick her ass,” and to “ram [her accusations] down her fucking throat.”

“I am not about to have a 29-year-old bimbo criticize the people at this place for running something … do you realize how mad that made me?” he said at one point during the conversation. Later, he elaborated:

She thinks she’s a goddess. She thinks she’s above us all. She thinks she’s transformed something that we are not worthy of. Well you know what, I don’t buy that. I think she’s a self-centered, deluded young woman and she is about to get a reality check that I’m going to deliver to her.

According to court documents, Bannon initially denied making any derogatory comments about Alling. But it’s hard to get around recorded evidence.

Trump Campaign Chief Once Called a Female Employee ‘Bimbo’