You’ll Never Regret Naming Your Baby Lakynn

Photo: Francesca Russell/Getty Images/Flickr State

A new poll conducted in England suggests that up to one in five new mothers says she “regrets” her baby’s name. The most regretted names are surprisingly boring: Charlotte, Anne, and Amelia top the list.

In fact, the poll found that the main reason people are likely to regret their name choice is because they feel it is “too common,” rather than too weird or unique. One respondent said that her child’s name “was taken by a terrorist group, soon after she was born” (it’s gotta be ISIS, right?), while another bemoaned the meteoric popularity of Frozen after she had named her daughter Elsa.

The survey was carried out by Mumset, a British website for parents (it’s a lot like Babycenter, which also runs name surveys every year), and it found that parents who did feel regret over their kid’s name usually felt it within five weeks of birth. Interestingly, nearly 20 percent said they had felt “pressured” into choosing the name they ultimately went with. So the big takeaway is: Don’t listen to anyone when naming your baby! Also, you’ll never regret naming your baby Lakynn.

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