Susan Miller Has Had Enough of This New-Zodiac Business

QUEEN. Photo: courtesy of Fresh

Way back in 2011, Minnesota Planetarium Society board member Parke Kunkle freaked everyone out when he told the Minnesota Star Tribune that the Earth’s “wobble” meant that the zodiac has changed since it was first created. Kunkle is an astronomy professor; he is not an astrologer, and he doesn’t believe in astrology, and he certainly didn’t mean to get everyone’s panties in a collective wad about how everything in the astrological zodiac is wrong, and instead of a bubbly Sagittarius, you’re actually an Ophiuchus or something.

Naturally, we all turned to fashion’s favorite astrologer, Susan Miller, for answers about Ophiuchus the first time around. “The ancients discussed whether or not to include a 13th sign — they debated, they did empirical studies, and in the end they felt it was not significant,” she told Elle. Eventually, everyone forgot about it, but now it seems that the story has gained legs once again for no apparent reason — which, honestly, is so typical for Mercury retrograde. Not to mention there was a lunar eclipse last night! Things have been intense as hell.

Once again, we’re turning to Miller to calm our astro-anxiety, this time on Twitter, and thankfully, her answer is the same as before.

Whew. Now go take a sea-salt bath and sage yourself.

Susan Miller Has Had Enough of This New Zodiac Business