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Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris Have Been ‘Texting,’ Because Even Famous People Aren’t Above Trying to Be Friends With Their Exes

The war is over. Photo: Getty Images

After a tense summer of attention-seeking rebound relationships, Nils Sjoberg truthing, and songs about grocery stores, it seemed as though the war between bitter exes Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris would never end.

Yet, it appears the unthinkable has happened: Swift and Harris have signed a peace treaty in the form of texting, according to TMZ. No one knows who texted whom first, or what exactly they have been texting about. But here is our best guess of how the text convo may have gone down:

Harris: hai girl

Swift: Hi.

Harris: we good?

Swift: Ok.

Harris: how’s meredith? lol

Swift: [empty text bubble]

However, those hoping this means the greatest couple of our time are getting back together need to chill, as it seems that the texting is completely platonic. Both sides have assured TMZ that “nothing romantic” is going on; they’re merely texting. Famous people! They’re just like us.

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris Have Been ‘Texting’