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The Best Cashmere Scarves, Socks, and More for Fall

You could wait until it’s January and you’re freezing and there’s one cashmere hat in an unflattering color on sale at that weird store around the corner from your office. Or you could prepare yourself for the inevitable return of colder weather and invest in some really nice, cozy cashmere accessories right now. Sure, cashmere is higher maintenance than more durable fabrics like wool, but nothing feels more luxurious. From Falke’s dreamy soft socks to Balenciaga’s lush poncho, we’ve compiled the ten best cashmere accessories to pair with your fancy new sweater.

Uniqlo is the unofficial sanctuary for affordable cashmere in all of its forms, and this scarf is a nice, noncommittal way to do millennial pink.
Uniqlo Cashmere scarf, $50 at Uniqlo

Your best (and warmest!) friend for bad-hair days.
Zara Special Edition Cashmere Hat, $60 at Zara

Your feet set the standard for how the rest of your body adapts to temperature, so of course you need cashmere socks.
Falke No.1 Finest Cashmere-blend socks, $91 at Matches Fashion

Not only are these a pretty shade of lilac, but they’re amazingly soft. Just don’t wear them outside.
White +Warren Cashmere Slippers, $135 at White + Warren

A fluffy headband in Missoni’s signature print.
Missoni Cashmere Headband, $430 at Net-a-Porter

A trick to trapping more heat with your sweater: layer on these soft arm warmers.
The Elder Statesman Wool and Cashmere-blend arm warmers, $170 at Net-a-Porter

The most functional dad hat you’ll ever buy. In addition to being 100 percent cashmere, it comes with optional ear flaps and is available in every neutral shade imaginable.
Stefeno “Cedric” Baseball cap, $75 at Stefeno

A splurge for in-between weather, when all you need is a light layer to keep cozy.
Balenciaga Tartan cashmere and wool-blend poncho, $945 at Net-a-Porter

The most subtle and chic touch of femininity.
Portlano Jeweled Cashmere Gloves, $125 at Saks Fifth Avenue

Unlike the White + Warren slippers, these are made to be worn outside. Double down on the warmth by pairing these with cashmere socks.
The Row Bea Cashmere Slipper, $985 at Neiman Marcus

The Best Cashmere Scarves, Socks, and More for Fall