Rude of This Giant Potato to Overshadow the Bride on Her Wedding Day

Your wedding should be a joyous day of celebrating your love among friends and family — but, more than anything, it should be a joyous day in which you are the center of attention. No matter how beautiful your dress is or how much you’ve terrified your bridesmaids, this will not happen if you invite an eight-foot-tall potato to your wedding.

A couple from Prince Edward Island, Canada, recently did just that: When Amy Ramsay married Matthew Ramsay, who works as a potato farmer, they decided to have P.E.I. Potato Board mascot Tate the Tater as a guest at their late-August wedding.

Not only did Tate not dress for the occasion (or even wear pants), he’s hogging all the attention.

Matthew told CBC that his wife, Amy, was fully onboard, saying, “It would take the lull out of the reception when people are trying to eat and there wasn’t any speeches going on, she thought it’d be a great idea.”

I would be simply furious. 

Rude of This Potato to Overshadow the Bride on Her Big Day