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Desperate Tom Hanks Scours City in Search of Weddings to Crash

Tom Hanks crashed Elizabeth and Ryan’s big day.

Elizabeth and Ryan were innocently posing for their wedding portraits in Central Park when, seemingly out of nowhere, they were accosted by a madman looking to insert himself into their big day.

Luckily for the couple, the lunatic was merely actor Tom Hanks, jonesing for his daily attention fix. In a series of pictures, the couple look simultaneously startled, stunned, and excited to have the actor join in on the portraits that will grace their mantle forever, serving as a reminder of the day they became a “throuple” in the eyes of the law.

However, this isn’t the first time Hanks has disrupted a wedding, according to the Daily Dot. Back in 1993, when Hanks was filming Forrest Gump in South Carolina, he reportedly sat in his blue Lincoln car, honking the horn at a bride as she walked into a church on her wedding day. He then apparently ran out of the car, said to the bride, “Hey, I’m Tom Hanks, and I just wanted to say good luck!” and then disappeared.

Let this serve as a warning to all brides out there: Tom Hanks is on the prowl for weddings to crash.

Tom Hanks Scours City in Search of Weddings to Crash